Final Program

The program of the ICOTOM19 virtual conference covers 4 days from March 1st Monday to March 4th Thursday. The program schedule can be seen below.

From 22:00 to 23:30 JST on each day, there will be parallel sessions of on-time questions and discussions regarding the keynote and oral video presentations . All the participants are welcome to the sessions of interest. The presenting authors of keynote and oral presentations are required to join the session relating to your video presentation.

The conference platform has been newly opened for viewing all the video presentations. The participants who properly registered with payment should have received an email for connecting to this platform. If not, please check your spambox, too. We recommend you to install the Zoom app in your computer prior to the conference.

The times are Japan Standard Time (JST). (JST=UTC+9hrs)

The on-demand keynote and oral presentations have been categorized into the thematic sub-sessions as listed below.
You can find the details by clicking on each sub-session name.

10 Deformation
20 Recrystallization
30 Grain Boundary and Grain Growth
40 Phase transformation
60 Textures and properties of crystalline materials
70 Texture control for producing high performance materials
80 Multiphase and Composite Materials and Geological materials
90 Surfaces and Interfaces
110 Characterization techniques
130 Modelling on texture formation and property estimation
150 Additive manufacturing

The details of the poster presentations can be seen by clicking the link below.


Keynote and oral presentations

Category Discussion
Chairperson Presenting Author Title
22:00- March 1
High Entropy Alloy and fcc metal
Prof. R. Chulist
Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science PAS
W. Skrotzki Keynote: Texture evolution in CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy during high pressure torsion
S. N. Kumaran Microstructure and texture evolution during severe plastic deformation of a non-equiatomic high entropy alloy
K. Lee Dynamic Tensile Extrusion Behavior of Ultrafine- and Fine-grained Copper
L. Kaushik Evolution of Microstructure and Deformation Texture of High Entropy Alloy during Cold Rolling.
G. Shankar New Insight into the development of deformation texture in face-centered cubic material
T. Nagira Micro-texture evolution of Ag with low stacking fault energy during friction stir welding
A. Arya Effect of Deformation Texture on the Torsion Behavior of Drawn Nickel Microwires
22:45- March 1
Prof. L. A. I. Kestens
Ghent University
J. Quinta da Fonseca Keynote: Understanding the texture evolution during hot compression of alpha-beta alloys
C. S. Daniel In-situ synchrotron diffraction study of hot-deformed two-phase texture evolution in Ti-64 and Zr-2.5Nb
V. K. Sahu Effect of Crystallographic Texture and Stress Triaxiality on Micro-mechanisms of Deformation in Commercially Pure Titanium
R. Jain Anisotropic tensile behaviour of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy
C. Zhang Cold Rolling Texture and Microstructure of 316L Stainless Steel
H. Jiang Heterogeneous-nano structure developed in SUS316LN austenitic stain steel
A. B. Kizhakkiniyakathu Experimental and simulation study on hot deformation behavior and dynamic microstructure evolution of super austenitic stainless steel
22:00- March 2
Various metals
Prof. Y. Takayama
Utsunomiya University
R. Xin Keynote: Understanding cross boundary twin behaviours in AZ31 alloy by a composite Schmid factor
A. Baczmanski Direct measurement of critical resolved shear stresses in textured Mg alloy using neutron diffraction
K. Kinoshita Atomic Simulation of Deformation Texture Development under Consideration of Initial Defects
N. P. Gurao Activation volume and rolling texture transition in face cantered cubic materials
N. Koga Crystallographic orientation of raft-like structure developed by tensile deformation in Cu-Fe dual phase alloy sheet
22:45- March 2
Al, Al alloy
Dr. R. Quey
CNRS, Mines Saint-Etienne
K. Wierzbanowski Keynote: Recovery of ECAP Processed Aluminum at Room Temperature during Five Years
T. Kudo Deformation-texture evolution in deep drawing of cold-rolled 3104 aluminum alloy sheet
V. Q. Vu Texture and Microstructure of Aluminum Produced by the Friction-Assisted Lateral Extrusion Process (FALEP)
S. Mondal Effect Of Sc Addition On The High Pressure Torsion Processing Of AA2195 Al Alloy On The Microstructure, Texture And Mechanical Property Evolution
I. Weissensteiner Temperature dependent deformation characteristics in Al-alloys
M. S. Kim A study of recrystallization behaviors in Al-1wt%Mg alloy sheets deformed by cold rolling and cryo-rolling
H. Utsunomiya Suppression of Serration of Al-Mg Sheet by Periodic Indentation
22:00- March 3
Prof. L. S. Toth
University of Lorraine
L. Chang Keynote: Characterization of Through-Thickness Microstructure and Texture of 3%Si Ultra-low Carbon Steel Slabs after Hot Rolling
T. Murakawa Evolution of deformation structure and texture during cold-rolling {110}<110>Fe-3%Si single crystal.
M. Mehdi Deformation Heterogeneity and Texture Evolution in Non-Oriented Electrical Steel
T. Nguyen-Minh Formation of the {311}<136>texture component in BCC structured materials after conventional rolling
T. Gu Observations of microstructure evolution and damage during creep of Pb-free solder
A. Kaijalainen Texture Evolution During Cold Forming of Rectangular Hollow Section
22:45- March 3
Prof. A. Godfrey
Tsinghua University
A. Godfrey Keynote: High brightness synchrotron radiation investigation of grain rotation and subdivision during in-situ tensile loading of fine-grained aluminium
H. Shuto Observation of Dislocation Walls during Cyclic Deformation in an Fe–3 mass %Si Alloy
F. A. Garcia-Pastor Development of Dillamore/Taylor texture after accumulative roll bonding processing of a Nb-1Zr alloy
I. Mania Adiabatic shear bands formation in polycrystalline aluminum
S. Suzuki Shear deformation analysis of Aluminum sample using EBSD
M. Ito In-situ observation of deformation texture evolution in copper alloys by neuron diffraction
T. Morikawa Observation of Inhomogeneous Deformation in a Cold-Rolled Ti-added Ultra-Low Carbon Steel using High-Precision Markers Drawn by Focused Ion Beam
22:00- March 2
Prof. F. Wagner
Universite de Lorraine
D. Juul Jensen Keynote: Impact of 3D characterization on the understanding of recrystallization textures.
R. M. Suter High Temperature HEDM Study of Recrystallization and Grain Growth in Additive 316 Stainless Steel
M. Hasegawa Texture evolution of NiCoCrAlY alloy by high temperature deformation
U. M. Ciucani Strong rotated cube textures in thin rolled, potassium-doped tungsten sheets during annealing up to 1300 °C.
P. Thirathipviwat Compositional complexity dependence of microstructure evolution and solid solution hardening in FeNiCoCrMn high entropy alloy system
J. Singh An investigation on recrystallization behavior of cold-rolled CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy during annealing
H. Fukutomi Effects of High Temperature Deformation on the Development of Microstructure and Texture of Solid Solution Alloys
N. Nakada Grain Refinement through Austenite Recrystallization induced by Martensitic Reversion in Super Invar Alloy
22:45- March 2
Prof. H. Paul
Polish Academy of Sciences
N. Mavrikakis The effect of Ti levels on the static recrystallisation texture of a silicon steel
Y. He The Origin of the Cube ({001}<100>) Texture in Non-oriented Electrical Steel Sheets
H. Atsumi Effect of low temperature annealing on recrystallization texture of heavily cold rolled polycrystalline Fe-3%Si-C
T. Imamura Influence of grain size before cold rolling and cold rolling reduction rate on spatial distribution of major components of recrystallization texture in 3% Si-Fe steel
S. Nakamura Recrystallization in a cold rolled {211}<011> single crystal of Fe-3%Si Alloy
J. Sun Effect of Antimony Segregation on Texture Evolution of a 2%Si Electrical Steel after Annealing
D. Okai Secondary Recrystallization of Grains with Cube Orientation for Pure Iron Tape
22:00- March 3
Al, Ti, Zr
Prof. D. Juul Jensen
Technical University of Denmark
H. Paul New orientation formation during primary recrystallization of aluminium single crystals
K. Ihara Effect of heating rate on recrystallization texture formation in an unlubricated hot rolled Al-Fe alloy
Y. Takayama Texture evolutions in aluminum and Al-3%Mg alloy subjected to shear deformation and subsequent annealing
R. Quey Importance of deformation-induced local orientation distributions for nucleation of recrystallisation
S. Chakraborty Mesoscale modeling of recrystallization texture evolution in cold rolled copper
S. Suwas Evolution of recrystallization texture in face centered cubic materials
N. Byres The texture related development of abnormal grain structures during beta annealing of hot rolled ti64 plate.
Y. Zhang Dynamic recrystallization of α phase in TNM TiAl alloy by grain fragmentation during uniaxial isothermal compression
22:45- March 3
Prof. R. M. Suter
Carnegie Mellon University
Y. Hayakawa Effect of ferrite-forming elements on texture development of cold-rolled steel
A. Taguchi Differences in the number density trends of recrystallized grains when comparing 17%Cr stainless steel with IF steel
F. Wagner Oriented nucleation and oriented growth in IF steel revisited
H. Minami Effect of Ti carbide on static recrystallization behavior in low carbon high strength cold-rolled steel sheets
Y. Suwa 3D phase-field simulation of recrystallization in cold rolling and subsequent annealing of pure iron exploiting EBSD data
K. Ito Growth of Grains in the Third Orientation in Inhomogeneous Matrix Consisting of Two Orientation Groups- A Modified Potts-Monte-Carlo Simulation -
N. Sugiura Recrystallization behavior of heavily cross-rolled IF steel
Grain Boundary
Grain Growth
22:00- March 1
Prof. M. Kobayashi
Toyohashi University of Technology
Y. Ushigami Keynote: Secondary Recrystallization in Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel
M. Yasuda Experimental evaluation of texture change during grain growth in electrical steel sheets and its prediction by phase field simulation
G. Abbruzzese General Metallurgical Model of Secondary Recrystallization of GO Silicon Steel including prevision of Magnetic Properties (B800) and Secondary Grain Size
H. Shi Localized strain induced abnormal growth of cube oriented grain in a graphene nanosheets (GNS) reinforced copper matrix composite
R. M. Suter Recent Developments in Coarsening: What’s Wrong With Capillarity?
R. Pei Grain Growth Phenomena and Related Textures in Magnesium: Experimental Observations and Computer Simulations
K. Marquardt Grain boundary structure of garnet: changes with pressure?
Phase Transformation
22:00- March 4
Prof. T. Furuhara
Tohoku University
T. Furuhara Keynote: Variant Selection of Phase Transformations in Steels
K. Hata Reconstruction of 3D α–γ microstructure and boundary migration analysis in α→γ phase transformation in an Fe- Mn-low C alloy
H. Pirgazi Automated reconstruction of parent austenite phase based on optimum orientation relationships
T. Tomida Variant Selection in Phase Transformation and its Influence on Texture and Martensite Starting Temperature in Steel.
Y. Tanaka Temperature Dependency of Diffusional Transformation Texture Development in Fe-C-Si-Mn alloy
R. Chulist Adaptive phase or variant formation in modulated Ni-Mn-Ga martensite?
P. Yang On the transformation textures induced by surface effects
R. Ueji Orientation Dependence of Transformation Induced Plasticity in High Carbon Bainitic Steel
22:45- March 4
Ti, Zr
Prof. M. Hasegawa
Yokohama National University
R. Xin Understanding the Variant Selection Rules for Grain Boundary Alpha in a Metastable Beta-titanium
M. D. Atkinson A software for beta reconstruction from alpha orientation maps in Ti and Zr alloys
H. Xiang Variant selection during β to α transformation for Ti-6Al-4V alloy produced by Selective Laser Melting printing
F. Niessen Parent grain reconstruction from fully or partially transformed martensitic microstructures in MTEX
T. Tomida Study of Texture Memory in Ti by Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction and Texture Prediction via Harmonic Method
I. G. Kim The Texture Evolution and Phase Transformation during Annealing in Electroformed Invar
S. Singh Texture evolution in High Energy Density Experiments
Textures and properties of crystalline materials
22:00- March 2
Ni, Al, SUS
Prof. L. Zuo
Northeastern University
J. A. Szpunar Keynote: A Role of Texture and Grain Boundary Structure in Controlling Oxidation, Hydrogen Ingress and Fracture in Nuclear Materials
T. Dessolier Microstructural assessment from the mm to the atomic scale of an ex-service centrifugally cast HP40 reformer tube creep damage
L. Zuo Microstructure features and magnetic properties of 7M modulate martensite in <110>A oriented Ni–Mn–Ga thin films
I. Kalemba-Rec Texture development in the Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloy
M. Kopyscianski Texture transformation during friction stir processing of the Al-Si alloys
R. Gholizadeh Evolution of Texture in Polycrystalline Metals Subjected to Large-Strain Torsion at Different Temperatures
J. Grasserbauer Particle related texture and microstructure modifications in Al-Mg alloys with Fe and Mn additions
J. Capek Microstructural study of duplex stainless steel after turning using EBSD and X-ray diffraction analysis
D. Chalapathi Effect of Orientation Relationships on Texture Evolution During Cold Rolling in fcc/bcc Multi-phase Materials
22:45- March 2
Ti, Zr, Mg
Prof. W. Skrotzki
Dresden University of Technology
R. Ummadi Role of microstructure and crystallographic texture on the mechanical anisotropy of Ti-6Al-4V
O. Krymskaya Influence of substructure inhomogeneity on the physical properties anisotropy of textured materials
S. Stolbov Dependence of thermal expansion of Zr-based products on their crystallographic texture
D. Wojtas Texture-related biological properties of severely deformed titanium
P. C. Gautam Fracture Toughness of Hot Rolled Pure Mg: Correlation with Microstructure and Texture
D. K. Chouhan Twin induced Strain Hardening behavior, Grain Fragmentation and texture evolution during cold compression of CP-Ti
R. Lim Anisotropic Thermal Expansion of Ti-7Al Using Far-Field High Energy X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy
22:00- March 3
Dr. S. Takajo
JFE Steel
A. K. Singh Improving Ductility in Dual-Phase Steel by Cold Rolling and Intercritical Annealing
A. Singh Study on the microstructure and texture evolution during isothermal hot compression of as-cast medium Mn steel
A. K. Patra Effect of cold rolling on the texture and microstructure evolution in a medium Mn steel
V. A. Milyutin The role of deformation twins in recrystallization texture formation of the FeGa alloy.
J. Sun 3D Non-destructive Characterization of Texture Evolution in Electrical Steels with Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography
N. Zhang η-fiber microstructure and texture evolutions in ultra-thin silicon steel
S. Wronski Modification of crystallographic texture and stress anisotropy by cross-rolling process
J. Galan-Lopez Modelling of Polycrystalline Microstructures Using a Continuous Grain Size and Orientation Distribution Function
Texture control for producing high performance materials
22:45- March 3
Al, Cu, Mg
Prof. M. Demura
G. Falkinger Modeling texture evolution in aluminum alloys during industrial hot rolling
O. A. Velazquez Carrillo Thermal stability of the deformation texture and microstructure of a severe plastically deformed Al-7075 alloy.
H. Kaneko Deformation Induced Fine Crystals in Cu-30Zn BrassDeformation Induced Fine Crystals in Cu-30Zn Brass
H. Inoue Evolution of recrystallization texture for Cu-30%Zn alloy sheets with high Young’s modulus in the transverse direction
Y. Onuki Simultaneous control of texture, microstructure, and shape by hot deformation for magnesium alloy AZX612
F. Z. Mouhib Texture selection mechanisms during recrystallization and grain growth of a magnesium-zinc-erbium alloy
T. Sasaki Achieving excellent room temperature formability by tailoring texture in a novel bake-hardenable magnesium alloy sheet
22:45- March 4
Steel, Ti
Prof. H. Utsunomiya
Osaka University
R. H. Petrov Texture control in pipeline steels by thermo-mechanical control processing
Y. Morimoto Effect of Hot Rolling Conditions on Ridging Resistance of Type 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheet
K. Nishimura Effect of cold-rolling reduction on {111} texture formation in ferritic stainless steel sheet.
V. Mertinger Comparative study of micro and macro texture in high purity niobium after straight and cross rolling
B. Fernandez Silva Microtexture analysis of near-α titanium alloy Timetal 834 with varying macrozone sizes
G. Tsukamoto Evolution of deformation microstructure during cold rolling in O-added and Al-added titanium alloys
Multiphase and Composite Materials and Geological Materials
22:45- March 1
Dr. S. C. Vogel
Los Alamos National Laboratory
S. C. Vogel Keynote: Microstructure Evolution during dynamic compression in titanium characterized with the XFEL at LCLS-2
J. Kopecek Aluminothermally processed alloy from polymetallic ore
P. Kot Selective investigation of microstresses for different grain orientations and different phases using TOF neutron diffraction
D. Zoellner The link between morphogenesis and texture development in molluscan shells
Y. Yang Multiscale 3D Investigation of materials texture with X-ray Microscopy
T. Hiraga Grain boundary sliding-induced grain rotation and its role in crystallographic preferred orientation in rocks
S. Sawa Microstructure evolution of olivine-spinel phase transformation under differential stress for deep-focus earthquakes by phase field method
Surfaces and Interfaces
22:00- March 4
Prof. I. Samajdar
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
I. Samajdar Keynote: The Defining Role of Substrate Crystallographic Texture on the Oxidation Behavior of Steel
Y. Todaka Effect of Texture on Tribological Behavior under Oil Lubrication in Pure Fe Produced by High-Pressure Torsion Straining and Annealing
C. R. Bilsland Correlative microscopy and applied statistics – using combined Electron Diffraction and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy to understand Interface Populations
V. Y. Kolosov Complicated textures in crystallized amorphous films: transrotational crystals revealed by TEM
Characterization techniques
22:00- March 3
Prof. W. Pantleon
Technical University of Denmark
S. Wright Keynote: EBSD: A Glance Backward and a Look Forward
T. B. Britton A data science approach for characterisation of fine scale feature using correlative electron backscatter diffraction and energy dispersive spectroscopy
B. Aashranth An alternative analysis of crystallographic texture using fractal geometry
M. Kosaka Evaluation of lattice parameter ratio of lamellar cementite by EBSD parameter fitting
P. Trimby High speed materials characterization using fiber-optic coupled CMOS EBSD detectors
H. Hao High Throughput 3D Characterization using a Fs Laser Integrated with a Gallium FIB-SEM
22:45- March 3
Texture Analysis
Dr. P. Xu
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
R. Hielscher Interpolating Directions, Axes and Orientations
S. Singh Texture representation using Discrete Harmonics
B. J. Schuessler Stereological analysis of triple line orientations
S. Tanaka Residual Stress Measurement in Textured Materials
S. Oda Depth Profile of Residual Stresses to Analyze Textures in Extruded A6XXX
D. Suarez Fernandez Using Machining Force Feedback Response for Material and Texture Characterisation
W. Pantleon Cyclic ring fiber textures in single tungsten fiber-reinforced tungsten composites
M. Sepsi Nondestructive pole figure and ODF measurement method by CHI mode- an innovative application of a robot armed centreless X-ray diffractometer
22:45- March 4
3D analysis and QB
Dr. S. Wright
F. Bachmann Advanced acquisition with Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography (LabDCT)
M. Kobayashi Investigation of relationship between grain structure and inhomogeneous deformation by means of a laboratory-based multimodal X-ray tomography
R. Lim Uncertainty Quantification and RVE Size for Far-Field High Energy X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy Measurements
S. C. Vogel Round Robin for Neutron Texture Analysis
W. Gan Texture measurements of archaeological objects with monochromatic neutrons at STRESS-SPEC
P. Xu In-House Texture Measurement Using RIKEN Accelerator-Driven Compact Neutron Source
Modelling on texture formation and property estimation
22:00- March 4
Prof. J. J. Sidor
Savaria Institute of Technology, Eotvos Lorand University
L. S. Toth Keynote: Self-organized behavior of deforming polycrystals
D. Lindell Prediction of grain morphology by full field crystal plasticity modelling using dual-grid fast Fourier transform formalism
C. S. Patil Effect of constitutive laws on the full field predictions of crystal plasticity simulations
R. Kobayashi Prediction of mechanical properties based on the crystal plasticity simulation considering microstructure information of high entropy alloys.
C. Zhang 3D simulation of texture evolution induced grain coarsening in FCC polycrystals during severe plastic deformation
M. Sepsi Texture in T-ECAP of Aluminum
J. Ochoa-Avendano Mean-field model for simulation of recrystallization textures based on EBSD and nano-indentation measurements
J. J. Sidor Process parameter influence on deformation and recrystallization textures in Al alloys
M. Wronski Deformation behavior of CP-titanium under strain path changes: Experiment and Crystal plasticity modeling
S. K. Sahoo Comparison of the Predictive Capacities of Two Texture Modeling Schemes in Compression of Magnesium; the PTR (Predominant Twin Reorientation) and the ATV (All Twin Variants) Approaches
H. Ghiabakloo The effect of grain-to-grain orientation correlations on r-value prediction
Additive manufacturing
22:00- March 1
Prof. K. Morishita
Kyushu University
T. Nakano Keynote: Formation of Crystallographic Texture by Additive Manufacturing
A. E. Davis Simulation and Texture Investigation of a Novel Recrystallisation Mechanism in Ti-6Al-4V during Wire-Arc AM with Inter-Pass Deformation
N. Haghdadi Texture and intervariant boundaries characteristics in Ti-6Al-4V alloy processed by electron powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
K. Yamanaka Microstructural and texture characterization of additively manufactured commercially pure titanium
M. G. Isaenkova Regularities of the crystallographic texture formation in products obtained by selective laser powder melting
P. Trimby Mapping Prior Beta Grain Texture in Ti 6Al 4V after Additive Manufacturing and Post Processing
Y. Yang X-Ray Microscopy for 3D Characterization and Qualification of AM Materials
K. Morishita Time-Resolved X-ray Imaging of Melting and Solidification Process of Metallic Materials by Laser Irradiation
R. Jain Understanding the strain hardening behavior of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloy
22:45- March 1
Prof. T. Nakano
Osaka University
J. Aroh Crystallographic Analysis of Cell Structures in Additively Manufactured 316L
A. Rubanov Influence of laser beam scanning strategy in the selective laser melting of 316L steel powder on macrostress
D. Kumar Microstructural anisotropy in Electron Beam Melted 316L stainless steels
H. Pirgazi On the anisotropy of microstructure and texture in selective laser melted maraging stainless steel
A. Choi Grain Orientation Analysis of Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion
R. J. Vikram Electron Beam Melting (EBM) of Superalloy IN718: Impact on Microstructure, Texture and Mechanical Behavior on Adopting a New Heat-Treatment Schedule

Poster presentations

Category No. Presenting Author Title
1 H. Azzeddine Microstructure and microtexture of hot-deformed and annealed WE54 alloy: An EBSD examination
2 S. Kaneko Evolutions of Mechanical Properties and Macro Textures of AZ91D sheets by Hot Rolling and Subsequent Annealing
3 A.L. Helbert Bonding mechanisms at the interface of a bimetallic colaminated strip composed of two different Fe-Ni alloys
4 K. Masaoka Microstructure and texture development in AZX612 magnesium alloy during tensile deformation at elevated temperatures
5 V. Sahu The Effect of Notch Acuity on Micro-mechanisms of Deformation in Ti6Al4V: An In-situ study
6 S. Lee Texture and mechanical properties of Cu alloy by cryogenic high-speed rolling
7 A. Jarzebska Microstructure characterization of biodegradable Zn-Cu alloys subjected to hybrid deformation composed of hot extrusion and cold rolling
8 K. Okuda Recrystallization behavior of IF steel at the interface of Al junction
9 V. Yadav A phase-field investigation of recrystallization boundary migration into heterogeneous deformation energy fields: Effects of dislocation boundary sharpness
10 Z. Liu Study on texture gradient of primary recrystallization sheet of Hi-B electrical steel manufactured by acquired inhibitor method
11 A. Suzuki Texture development of Mg-Li based alloys by high temperature unaxial compressive deformation
12 T. Yamanoi Effects of Fe, Si, and Cu on Recrystallization Behavior in High Purity Aluminum Foil
13 H. Azzeddine Investigation of the deformation and recrystallization kinetics in an Mg-Dy alloy processed by plane strain compression
Grain Boundary and Grain Growth
14 S. Nakamura Growth and energy state of PTCDI-C8 / C8-BTBT bi-layers by thermal evaporation
15 S. Suzuki Grain growth in soft magnetic ferritic stainless steels under compressive stresses at high temperatures
16 J. Oddershede A Novel Probe for Grain Boundary Characterization: Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography
Phase Transformation
17 A. Korniewa-Surmacz Phase transformations in Ti–Nb alloys induced by HPT
18 S. Uranaka Morphology and Crystallography of Martensitic Structure in Medium Mn Steels
19 B. Hutchinson Surface textures in die castings and solidified zinc
Textures and properties of crystalline materials
20 T. Hoshino Change in intragranular misorientation during stress relaxation in Al-Cu-Mg-Mn alloy subjected to continuous cyclic bending
21 T. Fukutomi Change in intragranular misorientation during stress relaxation in Cu-Ni-Si alloy subjected to continuous cyclic bending
22 A.L. Helbert Heterogeneity of microstructure, texture and mechanical properties along the building direction of Ti-6Al-4V alloy developed by SLM
23 M. Zaripova The influence of the crystallographic texture and phase composition of Ti-Nb-Zr alloys with shape memory and superelasticity on their functional properties
24 M. Zaripova The study of reversible martensitic transformations in superelastic Ti-Zr-Nb-based alloys
25 N. Kim Olivine fabric development during diffusion creep by channel angular extrusion
26 T. Kodama EBSD analysis on lap joint cross-section of dissimilar metallic foils by spot friction stir diffusion bonding
27 X. Zeng The alpha and beta texture of hot rolled Ti-6Al-4V
28 Ki-S. Park Effect of strain paths on surface roughness of Interstitial Free steel using crystal plasticity finite element method based on a 3D representative volume element
29 V. Javaheri Effect of post-rolling cooling on the hot-rolled microstructure and texture of a new medium-carbon steel
30 A. Pariyar Microstructure and texture development in a polymer derived in-situ ceramic reinforced aluminum matrix composite
31 A. Oponowicz Determining of residual stresses in mechanically textured and polished austenitic stainless steel using synchrotron diffraction
Texture control for producing high performance materials
32 T. Ito Effect of severe shear deformation on deformation and recrystallization texture of pure niobium
33 R. Tamura Texture control of high purity niobium tube by tube channel pressing
Multiphase and Composite Materials and Geological Materials
34 T. Taniguchi Texture formation of TiAl based alloy processed by either one-step or two-step compression at high temperature
35 M. Yasuda ACOM-TEM and t-EBSD analysis of ferroelectric Hf(1-X)ZrX2 thin film prepared by RF sputtering
36 R. Sugaya Mineralogical Characterization on Acicular Magnetite Exsolved in Plagioclase
37 M. Strag Microstructure and orientation characteristics of prismatic calcitic layer forming the outer part of selected mollusk shells
Surfaces and Interfaces
38 S. Zhang Multilayering electrodeposition process of textured nanocrystalline iron-nickel alloys and their mechanical properties
39 L. Maj Titania coatings fabricated with micro-arc oxidation method on titanium grade 4 subjected to hydrostatic extrusion
Characterization techniques
40 S. Sato Interplay between phase transformation and dislocation evolution in iron-based shape memory alloys
41 K. Umemura In situ neutron diffraction study of kinetics of phase transformation in austempering process in low-alloyed TRIP steels
42 K. Nakagawa Elucidation of grain-size effect on dislocation-strengthening factor by using X-ray diffraction and EBSD
43 M. Hirata Using synchrotron radiation XRD technique to investigate active slip systems during tensile deformation in pure magnesium.
44 M. Azimi A comparison of 2D and 3D EBSD characterization in dual-phase steels
45 T. Yoshikawa Evaluation of active slip systems during deformation by In-situ XRD in precipitation hardening Mg Alloys
46 M. Bieda Microstructural evolution of deformed low alloyed zinc during annealing – in-situ and ex-situ SEM/EBSD investigations
Additive manufacturing
47 W. Wang Microtexture investigation of cell structures formed during selective laser melting of an austenitic stainless steel
48 S. Takajo High Temperature Characterization of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Using Neutron Diffraction and EBSD
49 T. Yamanouchi The Solidification Process of Magnesium Alloys Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting